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NSE Updates is a Finance and Business blogging website that discusses the Stock Market, Commodities, Currency, and Economy. Indian economy is the focus of our discussion. We also always keep in mind the synergy of India’s economy with the world economy.

Stock Market

The stock market is the mirror of the economy of any country. In today’s modern era, where all work is done through money transactions, the stock market is the best medium for big companies to raise money. In this stock market, all types of investors, small and big, can become partners in the growth of these big companies by investing money.


The stock market in India started with BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), established in 1875. Even today people watch SENSEX which is the index of BSE the most. NSE (National Stock Exchange) has been operational since 1994 and is the major stock exchange of India. Most of the stock market work is done in NSE today. Today, most contracts in the world are traded in NSE Equity, Derivatives, and Currency Derivatives.

Who I Am

I am Sanjeev Gulati, a commerce graduate from Delhi University and working as a Franchisee of Kotak Securities Ltd in the Stock Market since 2004. If you also want to trade and invest in the share market, you can open a Trading and Demat account in Kotak Securities.

Sanjeev Gulati About us

My Experience

From 2004 till now, I have witnessed many ups and downs in the stock market. Nifty, which traded at the 1000 level in 2003-4, after a high of 6357 in January 2008, also touched a low of 2252 in October 2008. Currently Nifty is in another bull run. I am sharing with you the experience that I have gained from observing the ups and downs of the market day by day for the last several years. To open a Trading and Demat account, you can mail me at [email protected].

Our Focus on Retail Participants

With increasing digitization and awareness, retail participation in stock markets is increasing rapidly in India. NSE Updates blogging website to help customers with growing interest in the stock market and investors find the right stocks to invest in. Equity investing involves market risk.

A stock market is a market where shares of companies can be bought and sold. Earlier, buying and selling of shares was done through verbal bids and buyers and sellers used to make deals only by word of mouth. When you buy shares using your trading account, the stock market is the foundation of the economy of any developed country. Just as roads, rail transport, electricity, and water are most important for the development of a country, village, or city, similarly, the stock market is important for the development of the country’s industries. Capital is required for the proper maintenance of those industries.

The stock market is a centralized platform, where all the buyers and sellers gather to trade in shares of different companies. Through the stock market, every person can participate in small or long-scale industries. He can become a participant in the profits by buying and selling shares of these companies.

Requirements for Trading in Stock Market

To start trading in the stock market, an investor must register for a trading account and a demat account, for smooth trading the funds are transferred from your bank account, allowing you to trade in your favorite stocks in the stock market. You can buy and sell shares and if you want to invest in some shares, then these shares reach your demat account. You can sell these shares whenever you want, at that time the shares are transferred from your demat account to the market and the money received on selling the shares is transferred to your bank account.

Contact Us

To take advantage of my long experience in the stock market and to open Trading and Demat, you can email me at [email protected].

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