5 March 2024 Market Analysis: Nifty Share Bazaar, FII DII Data, and Option Chain Insights

Discover the latest market trends on 5 March 2024, including Nifty Share Bazaar performance, FII and DII activities, and Option Chain data analysis. Gain insights into index movements and investor sentiments for informed decision-making.

5 March 2024: Nifty 50 Today

On 5 March 2024, the Nifty Share Bazaar opened with a loss of 34 points at 22,371.25 compared to the previous close of 22,405.60. After opening weak, the Nifty Fifty made a low of 22,269.15 near 11:15 AM. However, it started recovering and reached a high of 22,416.90 around 1 PM. Despite this rebound, the Nifty once again faced selling pressure and closed at 22,356.30 with a loss of 0.22%. Notably, the banking sector exhibited strength while the IT sector exerted downward pressure on the market.

Today’s NSE Share Bazaar

5 March 2024: NiftyBank Today

Similarly, on 5 March 2024, the Bank Nifty opened with a loss of 191 points at 47,265.70 compared to the previous close of 47,456.10. Initially weaker than the Nifty, the Bank Nifty made a low of 47,196.75 in opening trade. However, it displayed strength as the day progressed, eventually reaching a high of 47,737.85. The NiftyBank closed at 47,581.00 with a gain of 0.26%.

FII/DII Cash Data Analysis

On the same day, FII bought 574.28 crores in the cash segment, while DII also bought 1,834.61 crores worth of equity. Notably, Domestic Institutional Investors have been aggressive for the past three days, while FIIs remained relatively inactive. The long-to-short ratio in Index futures of FII declined from 0.61 on 4 March 2024 to 0.55 on 5 March 2024.

FII Derivative Statistics for 5 March 2024

You can download the image below containing the FII derivative statistics for 5 March 2024

FII derivative stats For 5 March 2024

Nifty Index Performance

The NSE Nifty opened at 22,371.25, reaching a high of 22,416.90 and a low of 22,269.15 before closing at 22,356.30. Notable gainers in the Nifty Index included TATAMOTORS, BHARTIARTL, and BAJAJ-AUTO, while BAJAJFINSV, BAJFINANCE, and NESTLEIND were among the top losers.

BankNifty Index Analysis

The BankNifty opened at 47,265.70, achieving a high of 47,737.85 and a low of 47,196.75 before closing at 47,581.00. Top gainers in the BankNifty Index comprised PNB, BANKBARODA, and SBIN, whereas AUBANK, BANDHANBNK, and IDFCFIRSTB were among the top losers.

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Nifty Next 50 Analysis

The Nifty Next 50 index, which represents the top 50 companies in terms of market capitalization after the Nifty 50, saw a marginal increase on 5 March 2024. Opening at 60,079.95, it reached a high of 60,225.55 and a low of 59,858.30 before closing at 59,981.35, marking a slight gain of 0.06%. This performance indicates a relatively stable market sentiment within this segment, with neither significant bullish nor bearish movements observed.

Nifty Midcap 100 Insights

The Nifty Midcap 100 index, comprising mid-sized companies, experienced a slight decline on 5 March 2024. Opening at 49,278.30, it reached a high of 49,381.65 and a low of 48,999.85 before settling at 49,114.90, reflecting a decrease of 0.27%. This decline suggests a moderate level of volatility within the mid-cap segment, with investors possibly adopting a cautious approach amid market fluctuations.

Nifty Auto Sector Overview

The Nifty Auto index, representing the automobile sector, exhibited notable positive momentum on 5 March 2024. Opening at 21,003.10, it surged to a high of 21,348.95, with a low of 20,930.40, before concluding at 21,121.20, marking a significant gain of 1.35%. This performance indicates strong investor interest and bullish sentiment toward auto stocks, potentially driven by a positive industry outlook and favorable market conditions.

Nifty FMCG Sector Analysis

Conversely, the Nifty FMCG index, comprising fast-moving consumer goods companies, witnessed a decline on 5 March 2024. Opening at 54,224.55, it reached a high of 54,364.95 and a low of 53,580.10 before closing at 53,653.10, reflecting a decrease of 1.05%. This decline may be attributed to various factors such as economic uncertainties, changing consumer preferences, or specific challenges within the FMCG sector.

Nifty IT Sector Performance

The Nifty IT index, representing the information technology sector, displayed negative momentum on 5 March 2024. Opening at 37,180.05, it reached a high of 37,202.30 and a low of 36,613.10 before settling at 36,720.75, marking a significant decrease of 1.59%. This decline may be influenced by factors such as global tech market trends, currency fluctuations, or company-specific developments impacting IT stocks.

Option Chain Data

In the NIFTY option chain for the 7 March 2024 expiry, significant changes in Open Interest Calls included 22350CE with 16,723 contracts, 22450CE with 11,426 contracts, and 22200CE with -11,093 contracts. Meanwhile, prominent changes in Open Interest Puts comprised 22300PE with -14,188 contracts, 22400PE with -39,846 contracts, and 22500PE with -10,077 contracts.

For the BANKNIFTY option chain with an expiry on 6 March 2024, notable changes in Open Interest Calls included 47500CE with -48,959 contracts, 47600CE with 42,878 contracts, and 47800CE with 45,364 contracts. In terms of Open Interest Puts, significant changes were observed in 47700PE with 56,557 contracts, 47600PE with 82,019 contracts, and 47500PE with 92,726 contracts.

In summary, the Nifty Share Bazaar and FII/DII data on 5 March 2024 depicted mixed sentiments, with the banking sector showing strength amidst volatility. Additionally, the performance of individual indices and option chain data provided insights into market trends and investor sentiment.

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