15 January 2024: NSE Share Bazar Witnesses Bullish Momentum with NIFTY New Highs

Explore the bullish momentum in NSE Share Bazaar on 15 January 2024. Discover the latest trends in NIFTY, BANKNIFTY, and option chains, shaping investment opportunities.

Today’s NSE Share Bazaar

In the dynamic world of share markets, the NSE Share Bazar had an eventful trading day on 15 January 2024, marked by a bullish trend and notable performances across various indices. The Nifty index opened with a significant gap at 22,053.15, a notable uptick from the previous day’s close at 20,894.55. Despite the Dow Jones experiencing a 118-point downturn, the Nifty managed to surge to new life highs, closing the day at 22,097.45.

NIFTY Index Performance On 15 January 2024

The NIFTY index showcased a robust performance throughout the trading day, with an opening price of 22,053.15. The day’s highest and lowest prices stood at 22,115.55 and 21,963.55, respectively. The closing price was recorded at 22,097.45, reflecting a significant positive change from the previous close at 21,894.55.

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Among the top gainers in the NSE NIFTY Index were Wipro, ONGC, and HCLTECH, while HDFCLIFE, BAJFINANCE, and BAJAJFINSV found themselves among the top losers.

15 January 2024: NSE Share Bazaar

BANKNIFTY Index Highlights

Simultaneously, On 15 January 2024, BANKNIFTY displayed a similar bullish sentiment, opening at 47,891.05 and closing at 48,158.30, marking a gain of 0.94%. The index experienced a day’s high at 48,248.05 and a low at 47,825.40, surpassing the previous close of 47,709.80.

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Noteworthy gainers in the BANKNIFTY Index included HDFCBANK, FEDERALBNK, and SBIN, while AUBANK and IDFCFIRSTB faced losses.

Other Indices Overview

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Opened at 55,013.20, the index reached a high of 55,025.60 and a low of 54,530.60. The closing figure stood at 54,936.65, reflecting a positive momentum from the previous close at 54,742.90.


The index started at 18,796.65, reaching a high of 18,799.40 and a low of 18,623.60. The closing figure was 18,765.25, an improvement from the previous close of 18,715.20.


With an opening at 13,447.80, the index touched a high of 13,494.90 and a low of 13,356.75. The closing price settled at 13,477.55, indicating a positive shift from the previous close at 13,353.80.


Opened at 56,795.40, the index experienced a high of 56,818.60 and a low of 56,317.45. The closing figure was 56,657.30, compared to the previous close of 56,485.75.


Starting at 37,538.45, the index reached a high of 37,929.30 and a low of 37,109.35. The closing price was 37,201.95, showcasing an upward movement from the previous close at 36,521.70.


Opening at 7,941.40, the index hit a high of 7,945.10 and a low of 7,827.60. The closing figure stood at 7,898.35, displaying an increase from the previous close at 7,864.10.


Commencing at 17,423.25, the index reached a high of 17,603.85 and a low of 17,334.15. The closing price settled at 17,347.45, indicating a decline from the previous close at 17,520.45.


Opened at 5,904.50, the index touched a high of 5,969.35 and a low of 5,881.35. The closing figure was 5,860.80, portraying a drop from the previous close at 5,918.20.

Option Chain Analysis On 15 January 2024

NIFTY Options

Examining the option chain data for NIFTY, notable changes in Open Interest Calls included a decrease in 21900CE by 32,244 contracts, an increase in 22100CE by 26,751 contracts, and a rise in 22000CE by 20,935 contracts. On the Put side, 22000PE saw a substantial increase with 1,32,000 contracts, followed by 22100PE with 59,953 contracts, and 22050PE with 51,535 contracts.

Bank Nifty Options

On 15 January 2024, for BANKNIFTY, the option chain data revealed a decrease in Open Interest Calls for 47800CE by 40,944 contracts, a significant increase in 48200CE by 86,673 contracts, and a rise in 48300CE by 41,239 contracts. On the Put side, 48000PE recorded the highest increase with 1,30,137 contracts, followed by 48100PE with 1,04,672 contracts, and 47800PE with 86,507 contracts.

In conclusion, the NSE Share Bazar exhibited a bullish trend on 15 January 2024, with NIFTY and BANKNIFTY reaching new highs. The individual index performances and option chain data suggest a positive market sentiment, hinting at potential opportunities for traders and investors in the coming days.

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