5 February 2024 Volatile Day on NSE Share Bazaar: FII DII Data Analysis

Selling Pressure on 5 February 2024

On 5 February 2024, the NSE Share Bazaar experienced a day marked by volatility, with the Nifty index displaying erratic movements. The day commenced with a gap-up opening for the Nifty at 21,921.05, compared to the previous day’s close of 21,853.80. However, this initial surge was short-lived as the index encountered selling pressure, leading it to touch a low of 21,726.95 within the first hour and a half of trading. Despite sporadic fluctuations throughout the day, the Nifty eventually closed at 21,771.70, registering a loss of 0.38% compared to the previous day’s close.

Today’s NSE Share Bazaar

Similarly, the NIFTY Bank index opened flat at 45,962.25, in contrast to the previous day’s closing figure 45,970.95. The index briefly surged to a high of 46,048.60 by noon, only to witness a downturn later in the session, resulting in a low of 45,615.10. The day concluded with the BankNifty index closing at 45,825.55, down by 0.32% from the previous day’s close.

FII and DII Activity:

Amidst the market fluctuations, the trading activities of Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) and Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) played a crucial role. On 5 February 2024, FIIs made a notable purchase of ₹518.88 crores in the cash segment, while DIIs sold equities worth ₹1,188.68 crores, contributing to the overall market dynamics.

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FII Derivative Statistics for 5 February 2024:

You can download the image below for the FII derivative stats for 5 February 2024 for your reference:

5 February 2024 Volatile Day on NSE Share Bazaar

Option Chain Data:

Analysing the Option Chain data for NIFTY with an expiry date of 8 February 2024, significant changes in Open Interest were observed. Among the call options, the 21,700CE and 21,800CE witnessed decreases in Open Interest by 35,466 and 31,950 contracts respectively, while the 21,900CE saw an increase of 8,560 contracts. On the put side, the 22,000PE registered a substantial increase in Open Interest with 29,008 contracts, followed by the 21,900PE and 21,800PE with increases of 40,293 and 28,007 contracts respectively.

In the case of BANKNIFTY, with an expiry date of 7 February 2024, the Option Chain data highlighted noteworthy changes. The call options, particularly the 46,000CE and 45,500CE, witnessed decreases in Open Interest by 36,693 and 7,559 contracts respectively, whereas the 45,900CE recorded an increase of 6,523 contracts. Conversely, the put options saw significant changes, with the 46,500PE observing the highest increase in Open Interest by 24,287 contracts, while the 46,000PE and 46,100PE experienced declines of 42,142 and 10,186 contracts respectively.

In conclusion, the trading session on 5 February 2024 exhibited volatility in the NSE Share Bazaar, influenced by various factors including index movements, FII/DII activities, and changes in Option Chain data. Investors and traders navigated through these fluctuations, leveraging data insights to make informed decisions in the dynamic market environment.

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