Analyzing Market Trends With Devina Mehra: Insights from First Global

In a recent interview on CNBC TV18’s Market Masters, Devina Mehra, the founder, chairperson, and managing director at First Global, shared valuable insights into the current market landscape. Mehra discussed the potential for a market crash in the mainstream large-cap segment, the outlook for India’s performance, and strategies for global portfolio allocation. Let’s delve into the key points highlighted by Mehra and their implications for investors.

Assessing Market Stability:

Devina Mehra emphasized that there is currently no significant risk of a huge crash in the mainstream large-cap segment in the medium term. She attributed this assessment to the segment’s positioning relative to long-term trend lines, suggesting that the risk of a crash is higher when returns are far above the trend line. However, Mehra also cautioned against rapid market movements, advocating for a hedged approach to mitigate potential downside risks while remaining invested for potential upside gains.

Devina Mehra Tells Importance of Hedging:

First Global has adopted a hedged approach, with Mehra indicating that they are more than 75% hedged on their portfolio. This strategy allows investors to participate in market upswings while protecting against unforeseen downturns. By maintaining a balanced portfolio, investors can navigate market volatility with greater resilience and confidence, aligning with Mehra’s risk management philosophy.

Analyzing Market Trends With Devina Mehra

India’s Growth Potential:

Despite global diversification opportunities, Devina Mehra remains bullish on India’s prospects. She highlighted India’s potential to outperform global markets, underscoring their overweight position on India in their global portfolios. Mehra’s optimism stems from India’s long-term growth trajectory and the country’s resilience amid global economic shifts.

Long-Term View on Global Diversification:

Mehra emphasized the importance of a long-term perspective when considering global diversification. She cautioned against short-term market narratives, urging investors to focus on building diversified portfolios over time. Mehra highlighted the need for dynamic allocation across geographies and asset classes, emphasizing the fluid nature of market leadership and the importance of tactical adjustments.

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Assessing Opportunities in China:

While discussing global diversification, Devina Mehra addressed the potential opportunities in China’s market. Despite recent challenges, Mehra suggested that China’s market could offer opportunities for investors, provided they adopt a granular approach to stock selection. Mehra cautioned against overreliance on popular stocks like Alibaba, stressing the importance of thorough research and a diversified investment strategy.

Investment Structures for Retail Investors:

Mehra highlighted the availability of investment structures for retail investors seeking exposure to global markets. She recommended diversified multi-asset, multi-geography structures that offer flexibility and tactical allocation. Mehra emphasized the need for dynamic reallocation based on evolving market conditions, underscoring the value of professional management in navigating global markets effectively.


Devina Mehra’s insights shed light on the current market dynamics and provide valuable guidance for investors navigating uncertain times. By adopting a balanced approach to risk management, maintaining a long-term perspective, and leveraging opportunities in both domestic and global markets, investors can position themselves for success amidst evolving market trends. As always, staying informed and seeking professional advice remain crucial pillars of sound investment decision-making in today’s dynamic financial landscape.

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