Budget 2024 Analysis with Vijay Kediya & Maneesh Dangi

Explore insightful Budget 2024 analysis by experts Vijay Kediya & Maneesh Dangi. Gain valuable insights into the financial landscape.

As India braces itself for the economic roadmap laid out in the Interim Budget 2024, renowned financial experts Vijay Kediya and Maneesh Dangi recently shared their insights in an exclusive conversation with Nikunj Dalmia on ET Now. The discussion delved into various aspects of the budget, shedding light on the potential impact on markets, sectors, and investment strategies. Here is the Budget 2024 analysis by Vijay Kediya & Maneesh Dangi.

Understanding the Economic Landscape:

The conversation began with a lighthearted note as Nikunj Dalmia welcomed Vijay Kediya, emphasizing the significance of budget announcements on market dynamics. Vijay Kediya, known for his astute market observations, expressed his perspective on the budget, emphasizing that for the current government, every event is noteworthy. According to him, the government is likely to utilize this budget to provide direction and guidance, and possibly set the stage for India’s economic recovery.

Market Sentiment and Investment Strategy: Budget 2024 Analysis

Addressing the concerns related to taxes on dividends, capital gains, and Securities Transaction Tax (STT), Kediya acknowledged the challenges but stressed the government’s potential to use the budget constructively. He believed that even if some consider this budget a non-event, the government would seize the opportunity to offer guidance and create momentum.

Budget 2024 Analysis with Vijay Kediya & Maneesh Dangi

In the Budget 2024 analysis, when asked about potential changes in investment strategies based on the budget, Kediya reassured viewers that his investment style wouldn’t be swayed by short-term budget fluctuations. He reiterated his confidence in India’s growth potential over the next five years, attributing it to the government’s strategic initiatives and the alignment of various factors.

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India’s Last Chance for Phenomenal Growth:

Kediya expressed a bullish sentiment, emphasizing that the next five to ten years could be India’s final opportunity to make significant strides and catch up with global economic giants like China. In the Budget 2024 analysis, he highlighted the government’s understanding of this crucial phase, suggesting that India might adopt a similar development model to that of China.

Investment Picks and Sector Analysis:

Discussing specific investment choices, Kediya disclosed that he is fully invested in the market. He shared his belief in the margin of safety within his chosen stocks, indicating that the stories behind these investments are still unfolding, offering substantial growth potential.

Kediya discussed his optimism regarding the aviation sector, particularly Indigo, citing the management’s ability to navigate challenges and the sector’s overall growth potential. He also touched upon the energy sector, expressing interest in Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) diversifying into hydrogen, aligning with global trends.

Insights from Maneesh Dangi:

On Budget 2024 analysis, Maneesh Dangi joined the conversation, providing insights into his investment preferences. He revealed his interest in metal stocks, particularly considering the ongoing infrastructure development. He emphasized the potential of the hydrogen sector and the importance of government spending in propelling various industries.

Dangi also addressed the impact of regulatory changes on the fintech space, highlighting the need for investors to stay informed about developments that could affect the financial sector.

Budget 2024 Analysis: Fiscal Numbers and Expectations:

The discussion shifted towards analyzing key fiscal numbers for the upcoming year. Dangi and Kediya discussed GDP growth assumptions, fiscal deficit expectations, and planned expenditure, providing a comprehensive overview of the economic landscape.

Dangi highlighted the cleanliness and transparency observed in recent budgets, emphasizing the government’s commitment to maintaining a clean fiscal policy. The experts discussed the potential impact on the bond market, predicting a positive rally if the fiscal deficit remains within certain thresholds

Stock Picks Based on Government Spending:

As the conversation concluded on Budget 2024 analysis, the experts shared their stock picks based on potential government spending. Sectors such as infrastructure, defense, and manufacturing were highlighted, with specific stock recommendations including L&T and defense-related companies.

The discussion offered valuable insights into the budget’s potential impact on various sectors and provided viewers with strategic investment perspectives for the upcoming fiscal year.


As investors eagerly await the Interim Budget 2024, the insights from Vijay Kediya and Maneesh Dangi serve as a guide for navigating the dynamic economic landscape. Their optimism about India’s growth trajectory, coupled with strategic investment picks, provides a valuable perspective for those looking to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market. The budget, considered by many as a pivotal moment, has the potential to shape India’s economic narrative for years to come.

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