Unveiling Effective Mutual Fund Strategies Amid Market Trends


In the dynamic world of investments, finding the right Mutual Fund Strategies is essential for aligning financial goals with risk tolerance. Wiseinvest’s expert, Hemant Rustagi, shared valuable insights on market trends and answered crucial mutual fund queries in a recent episode of “The Money Show.” This article delves into the discussion, analyzing market movements, assessing effective fund strategies, and providing guidance for potential investors.

Market Overview: Navigating Sideways Movements and Sector-Specific Mutual Fund Strategies

The conversation began by acknowledging the recent sideways movement in the markets, characterized by stock-specific actions. Kartik Kumar, a fund manager from Axis Mutual Fund, emphasized the need to understand the market’s current state for investors grappling with decisions on entering or exiting positions.

According to Kumar, effective Mutual Fund Strategies should consider the natural pause in the market after a robust 2023. He highlighted the seasonal aspect, noting historically weaker January to March quarters. Furthermore, he attributed recent volatility to heavyweight sectors, underscoring the importance of sector-specific mutual fund strategies.

Effective Mutual Fund Strategies

Valuation Insights: Large Caps vs. Mid/Small Caps – Mutual Fund Strategies for Diverse Portfolios

The conversation shifted to valuations, focusing on large caps, midcaps, and small caps. Kumar emphasized that large caps are trading at around 20 times next year’s earnings, a reasonable level when compared regionally. However, mid and small-caps are at all-time high valuations, highlighting the importance of diverse mutual fund strategies.

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Kumar stressed the significance of stock selection in the mid/small cap space, as the previous earnings differential is expected to decrease. Effective Mutual Fund Strategies should consider balancing portfolios with selective approaches within sectors, aligning with current market sentiments.

Global Trends and Risk Factors: A Macro Perspective – Mutual Fund Strategies for Global Diversification

Addressing global trends, Kumar expressed optimism about the Indian market’s resilience, citing a constructive GDP and expected growth rates. He discussed potential risk factors, including geopolitical developments in the Middle East, commodity price impacts, and supply chain disruptions. Effective Mutual Fund Strategies should include global diversification and monitoring of China’s economic stabilization efforts.

Fund Strategies and Sector Allocation: Axis Quant Fund – Tactical Mutual Fund Strategies

The discussion turned to fund strategies, with a focus on Axis Quant Fund. Kumar clarified that the fund is not cap-agnostic but rather opportunistic based on bottom-up stock selection. The fund maintains a balanced approach, with around 60% in large caps and notable exposure to midcaps and small caps. Kumar highlighted bullish sentiments in pharma and automobiles while maintaining underweight positions in financials and the IT sector, emphasizing tactical mutual fund strategies.

Viewer Queries: Balancing Portfolios and Debt Fund Considerations – Customized Mutual Fund Strategies

The article explores viewer queries, addressing concerns about balancing portfolios and the potential inclusion of a balanced advantage fund. Kumar advises against a balance advantage fund for an 8-year horizon, recommending customized mutual fund strategies within sectors like FMCG based on current market sentiments.

Investor Queries: Equity Savings and Debt Fund Considerations – Optimal Mutual Fund Strategies

The conversation concludes with insights into a viewer’s query regarding debt funds and Arbitrage funds. Hemant Rustagi suggests considering dynamic bond funds, emphasizing the potential of Equity Savings funds for a 5-year horizon. He recommends funds such as Kotak Equity Savings and SBI Equity Savings for optimal mutual fund strategies, ensuring a balanced risk-return profile.


In a dynamic market environment, understanding current trends, valuations, and risk factors is crucial for investors. The expert insights shared in “The Money Show of ET Now” provide valuable guidance for navigating the stock market and making informed decisions. Whether assessing sector allocations, considering fund strategies, or addressing specific queries, the discussed strategies offer a comprehensive and optimal approach to mutual fund investments in the current market scenario.

Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Read all scheme-related documents carefully.

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