Manish Jain of Centrum: Evaluating the Market Perspective

At the recent discussion on Trading Hour at CNBC TV18, Manish Jain, Head of Fund Management for PMS and Equity Advisory at Centrum, shared insights on market fundamentals and the immediate outlook. He highlighted the critical juncture the market is at, emphasizing the potential impact of various risk factors within the next six months.

Long-Term Growth Prospects

Manish expressed confidence in the long-term growth trajectory of the Indian economy, projecting a robust GDP growth of around 6%, leading to significant expansion in nominal GDP. Despite this optimistic view, he cautioned about near-term uncertainties and volatility in the market.

Manish Jain Anticipate Market Volatility

Manish pointed out specific periods where market corrections could occur, citing events such as post-elections, pre-budget announcements, and quarterly earnings reports. He advised investors to remain vigilant during these times and capitalize on potential opportunities that arise from temporary market downturns.

Manish Jain of Centrum: Market Perspective

Strategic Investment Approach

In light of the anticipated market fluctuations, Manish Jain recommended a staggered approach to investments over a three-month horizon. He stressed a bottom-up strategy, focusing on identifying undervalued sectors and companies with strong growth potential.

Preferred Investment Themes

Manish Jain highlighted several sectors he finds favorable for investment, including BFSI, automobiles, urban consumption, real estate, and pharmaceuticals. He emphasized the importance of selective stock picking within these sectors, prioritizing companies with promising growth prospects and reasonable valuations.

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Balancing Growth and Value

Manish discussed the importance of striking a balance between growth and valuation in investment decisions. He cautioned against overly relying on high-growth stocks with inflated valuations, advocating for a more balanced approach that incorporates value investing principles.

Automotive Sector Analysis

Regarding the automotive sector, Manish emphasized the evolving consumer preferences towards premiumization and affordability in both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. He recommended focusing on companies that have demonstrated proactive strategies in adapting to these changing market dynamics.


In conclusion, Manish Jain provided valuable insights into navigating the current market landscape, stressing the importance of staying adaptable and vigilant amid potential volatility. His strategic investment approach centered on identifying pockets of value while maintaining a balanced portfolio geared toward long-term growth. Investors would do well to heed his advice in navigating the uncertainties of the market in the coming months.

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