Embracing Positivity in the PSU Banks: Insights from Carnelian Asset Management

Explore Vikas Khemani’s outlook on PSU Banks. Gain valuable insights into investment strategies and market trends.

In a recent interview with CNBC TV18, Vikas Khemani, the founder of Carnelian Asset Management and Advisors, shared his perspective on the current state of the PSU banking sector and his outlook on new-age companies. Khemani highlighted the resilience and potential within PSU banks, particularly Punjab National Bank (PNB), and offered insights into the evolving landscape of the financial sector.

Positive Outlook on PSU Banks

Despite recent fluctuations in PSU bank stocks, Khemani remains optimistic about their future performance. He attributes this confidence to the ongoing structural reforms and improvements in governance, technology, and asset quality within the sector. According to Khemani, PSU banks have addressed significant issues that previously hindered their growth, such as governance shortcomings and technological deficiencies. With enhanced governance practices, robust technological platforms, and improved asset quality, PSU banks are poised for continued success.

Vikas Khemani Found Positivity in the PSU Banks

Khemani emphasized the narrowing gap between PSU and private banks, particularly in terms of asset quality, governance, and technology adoption. He believes that as perceptions around PSU governance continue to evolve positively, these banks will gradually realign their valuations with those of their private counterparts. This alignment is expected to be supported by sustained improvements in operational efficiency and profitability across the sector.

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Investment Strategy and Portfolio Considerations

Regarding specific investments, Khemani discussed the case of Laurus Labs, acknowledging its recent challenges but maintaining a long-term perspective on its potential as a player in the Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) segment. He highlighted the cyclicality of the CDMO business and emphasized the importance of understanding and navigating through quarterly fluctuations in performance.

Assessment of New-Age Companies

In contrast to the enthusiasm surrounding new-age companies, Khemani advised against blanket investments in this space. He cautioned against the indiscriminate purchase of stocks based solely on trends, emphasizing the importance of analyzing individual business models, management quality, and growth prospects. While acknowledging the potential of disruptive technologies, Khemani stressed the need for a discerning approach to investment in this sector.

Regarding new-age companies, Khemani expressed reservations about their valuation levels, particularly in the case of Zomato. Despite Zomato’s recent profitability and market positioning, Khemani questioned the sustainability of its valuation metrics. He highlighted concerns about the long-term viability of the company’s business model, particularly in light of evolving market dynamics and competitive pressures.

In conclusion, Khemani underscored the importance of thorough research and selective investment strategies in navigating the complexities of both traditional and emerging sectors. He encouraged investors to prioritize fundamental analysis and long-term growth potential over short-term market trends.


Vikas Khemani’s insights shed light on the evolving dynamics of the banking sector and the nuanced approach required for successful investment in today’s market environment. As investors navigate through market uncertainties, Khemani’s perspective serves as a valuable guide for identifying opportunities and mitigating risks in both established and emerging sectors.

Disclaimer: The investment recommendations discussed in this article are based on Vikas Khemani’s insights, and readers are encouraged to conduct their due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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