Will There Be a Rate Cut? Analyzing RBI’s Monetary Policy Deliberations on February 8

Explore the monetary policy deliberations on February 8: Will there be a rate cut? Expert insights on economic growth, inflation, and potential shifts.


The looming question on everyone’s mind is whether the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will change its monetary policy stance on February 8. 2024. In this article, we delve into the insights provided by a distinguished panel, including Former Chief Statistician Pronab Sen, Nomura’s chief economist Sonal Varma, Citi’s Chief Economist Samiran Chakraborty, SBI Group Chief Economic Advisor Soumya Kanti Ghosh, and JPMorgan’s Chief India Economist Sajjid Chinoy. Together, they discuss economic growth, inflation, and the potential need for a rate cut on CNBC TV18.

Economic Growth and Rate Cut Considerations:

The debate commences with the question of whether a rate cut is necessary despite robust economic growth. Dr. Pronab Sen underlines the importance of achieving a balance between the corporate and non-corporate sectors to sustain a 7% growth rate. The panel acknowledges recent slips in the corporate sector, hinting that growth may not be as secure as believed.

Will There Be a Rate Cut on February 8?

Sonal Varma brings a global perspective, pointing out potential headwinds in 2024 and the necessity to address imbalances for long-term sustainability. Despite positive growth estimates, external factors like slowing global economies and commodity price fluctuations may pose challenges.

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Inflation Dynamics and RBI’s Role:

The conversation shifts to inflation, with Sonal Varma providing a nuanced perspective on Goods and Services inflation. While Goods inflation responds to global input cost increases, India’s low Services inflation suggests potential slack in the economy, giving the RBI room to maneuver.

Samiran Chakraborty addresses the challenge posed by food inflation, emphasizing the need to keep headline inflation lower for longer to support the purchasing power of lower-income segments.

Liquidity Concerns and Rate Adjustment:

Soumya Kanti Ghosh raises liquidity concerns, suggesting the creation of a countercyclical buffer to address potential issues. The panel contemplates the current repo rate’s alignment with market expectations and whether a rate adjustment is necessary.

Expert Opinions on Monetary Policy Stance:

The experts provide diverse views on the RBI’s monetary policy stance, pondering whether it should be maintained or adjusted to neutral. The discussion revolves around signaling policy adjustments, reflecting the complexity of the economic landscape.

Predictions for Future Rate Cuts:

As the panel concludes, opinions diverge on the timing of the next rate cut. Some anticipate cuts in August, while others suggest the possibility of adjustments as early as June, contingent on global economic factors.


With the pivotal decision date approaching, the question persists: Will there be a rate cut? The insights shared by the panel underline the complexity of the economic landscape, leaving room for anticipation and speculation. Stakeholders will closely watch the RBI’s decision and its implications for India’s economic trajectory.

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