World Economic Forum 2024: Borge Brende Optimistic About India’s Growth Amid Global Challenges

In an exclusive interview with Times Network, World Economic Forum President Borge Brende shared insights on the challenges faced, geopolitical concerns, and his optimism about India’s growth. The World Economic Forum 2024 at Davos brought together key players from around the world to discuss pressing issues in a fragmented and fractured global landscape.

Global Fragmentation and Collaboration

Borge Brende emphasized the difficulty of the current geopolitical backdrop, highlighting the need for dialogue among key players. Despite intense competition, the summit aimed to find common ground for collaboration, particularly in areas like climate change and artificial intelligence.

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Geopolitical Challenges

Addressing geopolitical challenges, Brende expressed concern about conflicts in the Middle East, the Red Sea situation, and ongoing tensions between major nations. He stressed the importance of preventing further escalations to safeguard global trade and economic growth.

Borge Brende Optimistic About India's Growth

Trade Cold War and Economic Recovery

With an ongoing trade cold war between the U.S. and China, Brende acknowledged concerns about protectionism and tariffs. However, he remained cautiously optimistic, citing a 3% expected growth in global trade this year. He highlighted the necessity of trade and investment recovery for real economic resurgence.

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India’s Economic Outlook

Brende revealed his bullish stance on India’s economy, projecting over 7% growth. He commended India’s digital trade position and the growth of services, making it a trillion-dollar economy. He attributed India’s success to factors such as supply chain diversification and a favorable relationship with the U.S.

India’s Role on the Global Stage

Recognizing India’s significant role globally, Borge Brende underscored the country’s influence on the world stage. He praised India’s economic momentum, digital advancements, and its emergence as a manufacturing hub for products like iPhones.

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Challenges and Opportunities

Acknowledging the challenges posed by elections in various democracies, Brende urged India to maintain its reform momentum, focusing on infrastructure, reducing red tape, and opening up to foreign direct investments. He highlighted the importance of providing world-class education to India’s youth for long-term success.

Borge Brende’s Message to Indian Stakeholders

Brende advised Indian stakeholders to continue reforms, avoid complacency, and invest in education, R&D, infrastructure, and capital markets. He commended India’s resilience during the pandemic, with the emergence of numerous unicorns, showcasing the nation’s incredible potential.


In a world grappling with geopolitical complexities and economic uncertainties, Borge Brende’s optimism about India’s growth provides a ray of hope. As India navigates through challenges, maintaining a focus on reforms and global collaboration remains crucial for sustained economic success.

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