Navigating the Markets with Vijay Kedia: Insights on Investing, Multibaggers, and Market Trends

In a recent episode of Market Cafe of CNBC TV18, renowned investor Vijay Kedia shared valuable insights into his investment philosophy, highlighting the importance of staying grounded and making informed decisions. This article explores key takeaways from the conversation, emphasizing Kedia’s strategies for identifying potential multi-baggers and navigating the dynamic market landscape.

Investing Wisdom from Vijay Kedia:

Vijay Kedia, a veteran investor with over three decades of experience, emphasizes the cyclical nature of bull markets. He notes that bull markets create an environment where even average investors may appear as geniuses, but it’s crucial to remain humble and not attribute success solely to personal skill.

The Smile Formula:

Vijay Kedia follows a simple yet effective investment philosophy known as the “Smile Formula.” This strategy involves investing in companies that are small in size, medium in experience, large in aspiration, and have extra-large market potential. This approach guides him in identifying companies with significant growth potential.

Navigating the Markets with Vijay Kedia

Choosing Multibaggers: The Vijay Kedia Way

Kedia shares his method of identifying potential multi-baggers by focusing on companies that have faced setbacks but possess the stamina to recover. Using the example of Tejas Networks during the COVID-19 pandemic, he explains how he identified the company’s potential for a rebound when its stock price plummeted from 400 to 40 rupees.

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Investing in Trends:

Kedia advises investors to pay attention to emerging trends and opportunities. He cites the shift in consumer behavior, where luxury becomes a necessity, as a key indicator of future market trends. For instance, he points to the growing importance of domestic tourism, leading him to invest in companies related to the hospitality industry.

Remaining Grounded:

Despite his success, Kedia remains grounded by recognizing that market statements belong to the market, while bank statements belong to the individual investor. He stresses the importance of separating oneself from market achievements and keeping a level head to make rational decisions.

Advice for Young Investors:

For aspiring investors, Kedia offers practical advice. He suggests creating initial capital for investment through disciplined savings rather than venturing into high-risk futures and options trading. By curbing unnecessary expenses, individuals can accumulate the necessary capital to start investing with a higher chance of success.


Vijay Kedia’s insights provide a roadmap for investors looking to navigate the markets successfully. By emphasizing humility, strategic investing, and an awareness of market trends, Kedia’s approach offers a valuable perspective for both seasoned investors and those just starting their investment journey. As the market continues to evolve, staying informed and adopting a disciplined approach remains key to long-term success in the world of investing.

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