Decoding India’s Market Trends With Sandeep Tandon Founder of Quant Mutual Fund

In a recent conversation with CNBC TV18, Sandeep Tandon, the Founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Quant Mutual Fund, shared his perspectives on the Indian market, focusing on emerging investment themes and his outlook for the year ahead. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from this insightful discussion.

Unveiling the Market Thesis:

Sandeep Tandon began by discussing the market thesis for India from a financial market perspective. He emphasized a shift from the growth-at-any-price cycle that lasted until September 2021 to the resurgence of the value thesis. Tandon highlighted the potential of value as a decade-long investment strategy, citing the significant moves in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) as a representation of the value thesis.

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PSU and Mining Sectors – A Winning Combination:

Expressing optimism, Tandon discussed the positive momentum in the metal and mining sectors. He anticipates this trend continuing into 2024, especially for PSU mining companies. By combining the strength of PSU and mining stocks, Tandon believes these companies could deliver even better performance.

Decoding India's Market Trends With Sandeep Tandon

Strategic Portfolio Allocations:

Addressing specific sectors, Sandeep Tandon revealed that PSUs constitute a substantial portion of Quant Mutual Fund’s portfolio, ranging from 18% to 25%, depending on the scheme. He highlighted the remarkable performance of the Railway and defense sectors within the PSU space. Additionally, Tandon touched upon the fund’s strategic investments in Hindustan Copper, citing it as a successful macro call.

Pharma Sector and Emerging Opportunities:

Tandon discussed the Pharma sector as a neglected zone with substantial potential. With a focus on US generics, he emphasized the sector’s positive outlook, considering it a bottomed-out cycle with attractive valuations. Additionally, Tandon expressed interest in the emerging opportunities in the consumption sector, particularly in food companies.

Evaluation of IT Services:

While acknowledging the importance of IT services, Tandon expressed caution, stating that Quant Mutual Fund is not overtly bullish on this sector. He emphasized a preference for Pharma over IT services due to better clarity in the former.

HDFC Bank and Banking Sector:

Surprisingly, Tandon disclosed that Quant Mutual Fund has significantly pruned down its exposure to the banking sector, including HDFC Bank. He attributed this decision to a data-driven approach, stating that the risk appetite for the banking sector has peaked out, and liquidity is declining.

Market Outlook for 2024:

Concluding the discussion, Tandon shared his larger thesis, expressing continued optimism about India’s manufacturing sector. While acknowledging that the easy phase of the bull run is over, he expects a minimum of 24,000 in 2024, signifying robust growth in terms of returns.

Closing Remarks By Sandeep Tandon

In a nutshell, Sandeep Tandon’s insights offer a comprehensive view of Quant Mutual Fund‘s strategic positioning, emphasizing the importance of sector rotation and data-driven decision-making in navigating the evolving landscape of the Indian financial market.


As investors navigate the dynamic Indian market, the insights provided by Sandeep Tandon serve as a valuable guide. Quant Mutual Fund’s approach, characterized by a focus on neglected sectors and strategic portfolio allocations, reflects a nuanced understanding of market trends and potential opportunities in 2024.

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