Navigating Bull Markets With Madhusudan Kela: Insights from Market Veteran

In a recent episode of CNBC TV18’s Market Cafe, renowned market veteran Madhusudan Kela shared his insights on navigating a bullish market. With over 30 years of experience in the stock market, Kela delved into his observations and strategies for investing in a market that seems to be constantly rising.

Identifying Long-Term Themes:

Madhusudan Kela emphasized the importance of identifying long-term themes that align with broader market trends. He highlighted the theme of carbon neutrality and sustainability, foreseeing it as a powerful trend that will unfold over the next two decades. Kela mentioned that major industrial houses like Adani, Reliance, and Jindal are already making significant efforts in the green energy sector, making it a lucrative area for potential investments.

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Market Stability and Continuity:

Discussing the current market scenario, Madhu Kela pointed out three key factors contributing to its stability. Firstly, he highlighted the political stability and policy continuity witnessed in the last decade, providing a favorable environment for investors. Secondly, Kela noted India’s stable macroeconomic factors, including inflation, interest rates, and currency, contributing to a more robust market valuation. Lastly, he emphasized the emergence of equity as a stable asset class, attracting a growing number of domestic investors.

Navigating Bull Markets With Madhusudan Kela

Challenges in a Rising Market: Madhusudan Kela’s View

Madhu Kela acknowledged the challenges of investing in a market that continuously rises, especially for experienced investors. He explained how extensive knowledge and experience might work against investors during euphoric market patterns. Despite this, he remained optimistic about the current market, attributing its differences to factors such as political stability, macroeconomic stability, and the evolving global geopolitical landscape.

Investing in PSU Stocks:

Addressing the surge in PSU stocks, Madhu Kela provided a nuanced perspective. While some argue that PSU stocks are overvalued, Madhusudan Kela urged investors not to dismiss them outright. He highlighted the potential value in PSU stocks, citing examples of companies like Railways and Defense. Madhusudan Kela cautioned against labeling the entire PSU sector as overvalued and encouraged investors to assess individual opportunities within this space.

Identifying Investment Opportunities:

Madhu Kela shared his approach to identifying investment opportunities within a rising market. He advised investors to focus on sector rotation, recognizing that different sectors present varied opportunities. Kela emphasized the need for patience, especially when waiting for corrections that may not come as expected. He urged investors to be selective, identifying themes that align with long-term trends and holding onto quality stocks despite market fluctuations.


Madhusudan Kela’s insights provide valuable guidance for investors navigating bullish markets. His emphasis on identifying long-term themes, understanding market stability factors, and approaching PSU stocks with discernment offers a strategic perspective for individuals looking to make informed investment decisions. As the market continues to evolve, Madhusudan Kela’s wisdom serves as a beacon for those seeking success in the ever-changing world of finance.

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