Helios Capital Founder Samir Arora Discusses Indian Market Trends with CNBC TV18

In a recent chat with CNBC TV18, Latha Venkatesh engaged in a comprehensive discussion with Samir Arora, the Founder and Fund Manager of Helios Capital, shedding light on the current state of the Indian market and the factors influencing its trajectory.

Indian Market Dynamics:

The dialogue commenced with a focus on the sudden downturn in the Indian market, characterized by a notable wave of Foreign Institutional Investor (FII) sell-offs. Despite the Nifty’s impressive 18% gain in 2023, January witnessed a 2% dip, with small and midcap indexes experiencing even greater setbacks, primarily attributed to the orchestrated FII selling spree.

Samir Arora Discusses Indian Market Trends

Expert Insights: Samir Arora’s Perspective:

Samir Arora, a seasoned expert in the field, dismissed the prevailing sell-offs as not reflective of a pessimistic FII stance towards India. He pinpointed the impact of HDFC Bank’s performance on the market but emphasized that the larger picture did not warrant panic. Arora’s analysis suggested that the current selling trend might not signify a significant shift in FII sentiment toward the Indian market.

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HDFC Bank Performance and Strategy:

A key focus of the conversation was on HDFC Bank’s performance, with Arora clarifying that Helios Capital had not liquidated any holdings. Arora expressed confidence in the bank’s ability to deliver steady returns, despite short-term market fluctuations. He highlighted the market’s tendency to overreact to minor news, advocating for a diversified investment strategy that avoids concentrating all investments in one sector.

Market Outlook and Returns:

Arora presented a pragmatic outlook on market returns, anticipating mid-teen percentage growth due to corrections post significant events. He stressed the importance of relative and absolute performance, suggesting that a mid-teen figure would be a realistic expectation for the market, rather than the optimistic 20%.

Budget and Market Expectations:

The conversation briefly touched on budget expectations, with Samir Arora expressing his detachment from the current budget discussions as he was overseas. However, he remarked that significant announcements just before an election might be unlikely. Arora did not foresee substantial developments in the budget having a significant impact on the market.


In conclusion, the dialogue between Latha Venkatesh and Samir Arora provided valuable insights into the intricacies of the Indian market. Samir Arora’s perspective on HDFC Bank, market strategy, and realistic expectations for returns contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the current economic landscape. Investors and enthusiasts looking for informed perspectives on the Indian market will find this discussion insightful and beneficial.

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