NSE Share Bazaar Update on 7 February 2024: Insight into FII DII Data and Market Trends

1. Nifty’s Performance and Market Dynamics

On the trading day of 7 February 2024, the Nifty index embarked on a promising note, opening with a gap up at 22,045.05, showing a positive inclination compared to the previous day’s close of 21,929.40. However, the optimism was short-lived as Nifty couldn’t sustain its initial gains. The index experienced a downward trajectory, touching a low of 21,860.15 during the trading session. Despite this setback, Nifty managed to recover from its intraday low and concluded the day almost unchanged, closing at 21,930.50, recording a minimal gain of 0.01%.

Today’s NSE Share Bazaar

2. BankNifty’s Movement and Investor Sentiment

Similarly, on 7 February 2024, NIFTY Bank initiated the day with a gap up, starting at 45,944.60, a jump from the preceding day’s closure at 45,690.80. The early enthusiasm pushed the index to a high of 46,062.85. However, as the day progressed, selling pressure ensued, causing BankNifty to retreat. The index touched a low of 45,620.50 before ultimately settling at 45,818.50, reflecting a modest increase of 0.28%.

3. FII and DII Activity in the Cash Segment on 7 February 2024

on 7 February 2024, in the realm of investor activity, Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) played a significant role, registering a net sell of ₹1,691.02 crores in the cash segment. On the flip side, Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) exhibited confidence in the market by purchasing equities worth ₹327.73 crores in the cash segment. This trend suggests a dynamic interplay between domestic and foreign investors, shaping market sentiment and direction.

FII Derivative Statistics for 7 February 2024:

You can download the image below for the FII derivative stats for 7 February 2024 for your reference:

FII Derivative Statistics for 7 February 2024

4. Analysis of Long-to-Short Ratios

Delving into the data further, the long-to-short ratio in Index futures for FIIs stood at 0.52, indicating a higher inclination toward short positions. On the other hand, DIIs showcased a more balanced approach, with a long-to-short ratio of 0.64, reflecting a slightly conservative stance compared to FIIs.

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5. Performance of Nifty Index Components

Examining specific stock movements within the Nifty index, prominent gainers included SBIN, GRASIM, and HDFCLIFE, while TECHM, POWERGRID, and INFY emerged as notable losers.

6. Performance of BankNifty Index Components

Similarly, in the BANKNIFTY index, SBIN, AXISBANK, and PNB witnessed gains, whereas BANKBARODA, HDFCBANK, and BANDHANBNK experienced declines, shaping the overall performance of the banking sector.

7. Derivatives Market Insights

Option chain data for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY provided insights into the derivatives market. For NIFTY’s 8 February 2024 expiry, notable changes in open interest calls included 22000CE with an increase of 77,376 contracts and 21900CE with a surge of 49,323 contracts. Conversely, significant changes in open interest puts comprised 21900PE and 21800PE, witnessing rises of 45,383 and 21,386 contracts respectively.

8. Conclusion: Navigating Market Trends

In conclusion, the trading day of 7 February 2024 reflected a mix of optimism and caution within the NSE Share Bazaar. While initial gains were tempered by selling pressure, investor activity, and derivatives data indicate a nuanced market sentiment. With intricate dynamics at play, market participants remain vigilant, navigating through evolving trends and opportunities in the ever-dynamic landscape of the stock market.

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